Colonel Al
Colonel Al
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Right for Council Bluffs
                   MY CORE VALUES:
Without a doubt, the greatest President in my lifetime was Ronald Reagan.  President
Reagan won two landslide victories because Americans liked him, and trusted him.  
He was guided by firm core values, and he clearly communicated those values to the
You are entitled to know my core values.  You should have confidence that I will
truthfully tell you what I believe, and that my actions will be consistent with those
values and beliefs. This is who I am:
1.  I am a Christian.  My faith defines my values and moral compass.  The First
Amendment protects the free exercise of religion.  It does not mandate that those in
government be without religion.  I do not insist that others share my faith and
beliefs.  At the same time, Christians should not be impugned, denigrated, or
discriminated against because of their faith and moral code.
2.   I am your servant.  I am running for office because I have a moral obligation to
my neighbors, my community, and my God.  I served 21 years in the military because
I felt an obligation to serve my nation.  I am now called upon to use my talents to
make our community and state better.  I will obey that call.  
3.    I am a constitutional conservative.  It’s not about any party, and it’s not about
promoting an agenda.  I swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution.  That
constitution is the bedrock of our government cannot be permitted to alter it.  Like
Ronald Reagan, I believe that a government that governs best, is that which governs
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Colonel Al
Colonel Al
Right for Council Bluffs
Right for Council Bluffs
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Where I Stand:
Following are my answers to questions asked by the Nonpareil:
1)   What is your No. 1 goal for the city?
Balanced growth and development citywide-, not just in areas benefiting limited corporate
developments. Corporations can bring jobs and more but our homeowners and small businesses are the
backbone of our historic community, also deserving improvement opportunities. Yet, they’re punished by
tax assessments while corporate developments see reduced property tax burdens through special
breaks.  My goal is fair balance here. Worse, excessive, inflexible regulations strangle many small
development projects before they begin. I want city government to get out of the way of good ideas
generated by citizens. I seek a City Hall that fights FOR the people- not against them.

2)   What is your view of the city now and where do you see room for improvement?  
A thriving, creative community fueled by our strong, hard working people. When given the opportunity
our citizens make good decisions. We can improve by involving the people more and by making
transparency a priority. Too frequently, decisions are made by a few in secrecy.  Citizen requests for
information under state open records are stonewalled and critical information even withheld from the
City Council.  We must hear all, not just a few elites in the shadows. We can also improve with more
practical expenditure priorities. Grand projects don’t mean much when our streets throughout the city
are in poor condition.

3)  With the city maxed out on the budget levy, where would you make financial adjustments (if
The general levy has been at maximum for about 15 years.  We’ve increased our debt levy and service
fees. City property tax levies are now the highest in the state.  Still it’s not enough.  Spending has
sharply increased far beyond increases in revenues.  We’re paying for the deficit spending by drawing
down critical city reserve funds.  This is not sustainable. The solution is as old as anything in
government. Leaders must have the courage to discern between WANTS and NEEDS and the strength
to make the courageous decisions that will prevent the people’s city government from going broke.