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Colonel Al
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Right for Iowa
Right for Iowa

Citizens who care about their nation, state and community are intelligent, and they expect actions by their
representatives to match their words.  Voters deserve more than platitudes and glowing generalities from
career politicians.  They deserve straight talk and truth from the candidates.  Here is a summary of where I
stand on the issues that came before the Iowa Legislature this year:

BUDGET:  Government does not have a revenue problem.  It has a spending problem.  I applaud and
support the strong message sent by Iowans last November to stop overspending and budget gimmicks.   
However, the debt crisis in Washington will likely mean less federal funding for states. Tough decisions
lay ahead.  Tax increases during the Obama recession will increase the hardship on Iowans.  The most
fair, equitable solution is to spend less than we collect from you, the taxpayer.

TAXES:  It’s worth repeating.  Government does not have a revenue problem. Main Street business in
Iowa pays some of the highest property taxes in the nation -- putting us at a competitive disadvantage with
other states.  Ever wonder why your property taxes keep going up while home values are going down?  I
support legislation to reform property taxation and limit property tax valuation increases. The property tax
formula advocated by Governor Branstad and the Republicans was offered to prevent the largest property
tax increase in Iowa history.  Senator Gronstal blocked it.  Increasing the tax burden thwarts recovery and
threatens jobs.  Economic growth, not tax increases, is the key to funding our state.

ABORTION:  I believe that we have a moral obligation to defund Planned Parenthood.  They do not
deserve taxpayer dollars.  I believe the unborn child is a person, and the unborn have a God-given right to
life.  I oppose all abortion, and WILL fight to ensure legislation receives a fair debate and a vote.  The Iowa
House overwhelmingly passed legislation to ban late-term abortions, with bi-partisan support.  That
legislation languished in the Senate until all 24 Senate Republicans and two Democrats signed a petition
to bring that bill to the Senate floor for debate. Senator Gronstal told his own hometown newspaper that
he would not block debate.  He then returned to Des Moines and blocked the bill.  Iowa must not be a
haven for barbaric late-term abortion.  Nebraska stopped it.  Iowa can stop it.

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY:  As an attorney, I strongly oppose the decision of the Supreme Court that
redefined marriage under the constitution.  Judges are supposed to interpret law under the constitution.  
Judges must not rewrite the constitution to meet a political agenda.  The constitution belongs to us.  I
support an amendment to the Iowa constitution that restores marriage as a union of one man and one
woman.  Senator Gronstal, as the majority leader, blocked that constitutional amendment referendum
before the voters.  Voters have a right to decide how their constitution will protect their liberties and their

GRONSTALING:  Less government is usually a good thing.  In the case of the 2015 General Assembly,
partisan gridlock meant less reform.  Senator Gronstal killed hundreds of bills that were authored by
Senate and House Republicans, or were sought by Governor Branstad.  Those bills were aimed at cutting
spending, reducing the tax burden, and encouraging more private sector job creation.  Those are the
priorities you demanded through the ballot box.  The strategy of Senator Gronstal was to threaten a state
shutdown.  The people of Iowa don’t need an “anti-governor.”  The people of Council Bluffs want a
Senator who will respect their desires.
                    MY CORE VALUES:
Without a doubt, the greatest President in my lifetime was Ronald Reagan.  President Reagan won two
landslide victories because Americans liked him, and trusted him.  He was guided by firm core values, and
he clearly communicated those values to the voters.
You are entitled to know my core values.  You should have confidence that I will truthfully tell you what I
believe, and that my actions will be consistent with those values and beliefs. This is who I am:
1.  I am a Christian.  My faith defines my values and moral compass.  The First Amendment protects the free
exercise of religion.  It does not mandate that those in government be without religion.  I do not insist that
others share my faith and beliefs.  At the same time, Christians should not be impugned, denigrated, or
discriminated against because of their faith and moral code.
2.   I am your servant.  I am running for office because I have a moral obligation to my neighbors, my
community, and my God.  I served 21 years in the military because I felt an obligation to serve my nation.  I
am now called upon to use my talents to make our community and state better.  I will obey that call.  
3.    I am a constitutional conservative.  It’s not about any party, and it’s not about promoting an agenda.  I
swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution.  That constitution is the bedrock of our government
cannot be permitted to alter it.  Like Ronald Reagan, I believe that a government that governs best, is that
which governs least.
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